Innovation is in the air

You know the expression “it feels like walking on air”?
That is the feeling we try to capture with our products.
We have developed our air suspension technology with the help of the sharpest brains in the industry. The result is the best comfort on the market and extraordinarily low loading heights. Not to mention the tilt options.
Our tip: the secret’s in the air.

The customer always knows best.
This is because you know your business and your needs best. This is why we believe in customised solutions. Everything from wheel suspension options that allow the vehicle to be tilted in many directions to various chassis lengths.
Full flexibility – to meet your requirements.

Full flex

Make a

An easier working day, more efficient operations and improved health and safety.
We work hard to give you better working conditions.
Whether that means better comfort and improved driving stability or faster loading and unloading, our solutions are designed to make our customers better.

At Freno, we believe in thinking a little further ahead than tomorrow.
And transport solutions can be expensive. But the price should match the quality. This is why we do our best to create designs that are gentle on original parts and minimise wear for a long service life.
What about solutions that can be moved over when you decide to change vehicles? Freno also has a ‘Letter of no objection’ from vehicle manufacturers for all our adaptations so that the vehicle warranties still apply as normal.

A long term investment

Strong by choice

The need for heavy transport is increasing in our globalised world.
We want to help our customers grow, which requires strength. Freno’s air suspension solutions allow you to increase the maximum weight permitted for your vehicle. Maybe extra weight is what you need to beat your competitors?

Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, but quality is never subjective.
Our solutions are designed to make our customers working day easier, even if we need to take a detour to get there. This is why we work with the most reliable suppliers on the market and use only the very best technical components.

Quality from the inside out

Partners in

Together we are stronger.
No team is stronger than its weakest link. This is why we work with well-reputed vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Because if you already have a vehicle you like, why change a winning concept?
We build partnerships to create the solutions of the future.