Freno Air

An innovation completely taken off the air.

In today’s globalizing world, the need for sustainable transport of people and goods is increasing. Freno develops world-class air suspension and chassis solutions to meet the demands of the transport needs of the future. 

Freno Air develops innovative transport solutions that use the advantages of air suspension. New and well-known transport solutions for light trucks such as Citytrailer, DockOn, Eurochassi and AWK systems for ride-hailing services and taxis

Freno Integrated Partner VW
SB Cert ISO 9001
LVC Föreningen

Future transport solutions

Ever since engineer Anders Sjöstedt developed Freno Air’s first air suspension system in 1997, the vision has been crystal clear. Develop future transport solutions. Develop future transport solutions. By combining custom chassis and air suspension systems, a number of unique productivity-enhancing benefits could be created for the logistics, passenger transport and emergency services industry.

Today, 40 years later, Freno Air is the market leader and the most experienced developer of high-quality solutions for chassis and air suspension systems for light transport vehicles.

Hand in hand with leading vehicle manufacturers

Freno Air also works closely with most of the world’s vehicle manufacturers. Through smart and high-quality solutions, you have established yourself as an esteemed partner. It has also meant that a so-called LONO (Letter of no objection) has been awarded from most of them.

With today’s well-known products such as CityTrailer, DockOn, Eurochassi and AWK, they have taken the leading position in the market for light transport vehicles.

Continuous development and improvement

To ensure the reported high quality of the products, Freno Air’s R & D department conducts continuous work to test and further develop its air suspension technology and chassis solutions based on material selection, functionality, durability and manufacturing.   

At the same time, there is a great focus on sparing the manufacturers’ original details and minimizing wear. Regular measurements are carried out to ensure the high quality.

Service when and where you need it

Despite the highest quality, it is impossible to avoid maintenance and wear. We know how important it is for our customers to avoid unexpected downtime. For this reason, we have created a well-developed service network as it is a central part of our total service offering.

We work continuously to expand the network of service stations and today we are represented by more than 70 stations throughout Sweden.

If you need increased driving stability, faster loading / unloading or increased load capacity in your transport vehicle, read more about our products and solutions or contact us and we will help you to a simpler everyday life, more efficient operations and a better working environment. and we will help you to a simpler everyday life, more efficient operations and a better working environment.