Freno Emergency

Technology that saves lives

Technology that brings the possibility to help.
Freno Emergency is the area where we customize solutions
for safety and rescue vehicles.


Ambulance or fire truck – we can help you .

Our Eurochassi is a fully adaptable chassis solution with individual pivot arms with air suspension. Our air suspension chassis is fitted to the vehicle bodywork. Any length, height and width. The chassis is built entirely to order. As the user you do not need to adapt the bodywork to the chassis.



Great comfort and stable driving .

Individual rear wheel suspension, allowing the vehicle to be lowered at the rear, eliminating the need for a tail lift and producing by far the lowest loading height on the market. This makes loading and unloading easier and improves health and safety.

Full Air

The same ride height improves both comfort and stability

, Freno’s air suspension system Full Air enables you to have the same ride height regardless of load. Freno’s Full Air range is a series of air suspension solutions that we have developed specially for light commercial vehicles. Full Air is a system in which we replace the original leaf springs at the rear but retain the original rear axle and fit Freno’s springs with air bellows.

Caddy BeFree

The Caddy BeFree can easily be turned into a ambulance or a stretch vehicle.

With our unique air suspension and low-floor construction for the VW Caddy Maxi, we have created a unique multifunctional vehicle with great flexibility. Specially adapted shock absorption and automatic levelling mean a comfortable journey, whatever the road surface.

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