transport made really good

Big and heavy cargo, large volumes and full flexibility.
Our logistics solutions gets both you and your cargo to the destination.
always comfortable, always safe.


With our Semitrailer we can customize for your every need in logistics

With our semitrailer solutions, an air suspension chassis is connected to the tractor, which can also be fitted with air suspension. The entire solution produces maximum comfort, flexibility and ease of working. At the same time, you have the option of high load capacity, even on light transport vehicles

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Caddy befree

One of the markets most flexible and versatile transport solutions 

With our unique air suspension and low-floor construction for the VW Caddy Maxi, we have created a unique multifunctional vehicle with great flexibility. The low loading angle makes it possible to guide in a pallet, making Caddy Be Free also perfect for couriers, distribution companies, haulers and cleaning companies.


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The Eurochassi from Freno meets most of your transportation needs - even when it comes to animal transport, cargo or other vehicles

Our Eurochassi is a fully adaptable chassis solution with individual pivot arms with air suspension. Our air suspension chassis is fitted to the vehicle bodywork. As the user you do not need to adapt the bodywork to the chassis. We adapt the chassis to your needs.

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Full Air

No matter what the transport is - Full Air can be fitted for your every need

Freno’s Full Air range is a series of air suspension solutions that we have developed specially for light commercial vehicles. Full Air is a system in which we replace the original leaf springs at the rear but retain the original rear axle and fit Freno’s springs with air bellows. As an option, you can also have air suspension at the front so that the entire vehicle can be raised and lowered. Also works with four wheel drive.

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Freno Assist

Our Assist solutions do what they promise - Assist

Freno’s air assist suspension is the simplest of our air suspension solutions, supporting the existing suspension and helping keep the driving height constant with air bellows, regardless of the road conditions and load weight

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The Wheel Kneel - Solution promises the driver the same driving height, regardless of load

With our AWK and RWK air suspension solutions, the existing suspension is replaced with air suspension for either all four wheels (AWK) or just the rear wheels (RWK). This solution always gives you the same driving height, regardless of load.

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Trailer with air suspension from Freno - Makes your transport go smooth

Freno Trailer is our own specially designed trailer with air suspension. This is perfect if you carry out mobile sales activities that require a flexible trailer solution for your particular environment. You decide. We create. You specify the length, height and width.

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