Passenger and freight transport requirements are growing in our globalised world.

We develop the air suspension systems of the future.


With our unique air suspension built on to a VW Caddy we have created a multi functional vehicle with great flexibility.

For the need to fit a wheelchair Caddy BeFree is the perfect vehicle. It does the job of making it easier to go where you want to go without complications and always with great comfort. The low loading angle also makes the Caddy BeFree useful for your company and distribution.

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Our air suspended Wheel-Kneel solutions gives you the same driving height – regardless of the load.

Whether you run a logistics or service company the driver is guaranteed a good work environment. Electronic raising and lowering gives you low loading heights and eliminates, if you so wish, the need for a tail lift while our unique air suspension gives you stability and comfort

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Our Eurochassi is a fully adaptable chassis solution with individual pivot arms with air suspension. 

Our air suspension chassis is fitted to the vehicle bodywork. As the user you do not need to adapt the bodywork to the chassis. We adapt the chassis to your needs.

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Are you looking for great loading possibiltys and great comfort? Then our Semitrailer can be what you are looking for.

With our semitrailer solutions, an air suspension chassis is connected to the tractor, which can also be fitted with air suspension. The entire solution produces maximum comfort, flexibility and ease of working. At the same time, you have the option of high load capacity, even on light transport 

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Bus Solutions

Airport shuttle or bus traffic?

With our Bus Solutions you get customized busses for 20 - 30 people. You choose on the length, width and height of your bus to fit your needs. With the Freno Air Suspension your travels will have the highest comfort and the easy loading makes for a good experience both for the passengers and the driver.

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Freno Trailer is our own specially designed trailer with air suspension.

This is perfect if you carry out mobile sales activities that require a flexible trailer solution for your particular environment. You decide. We create. You specify the length, height and width.


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Full Air

Freno Air suits your every need when it comes to transport

Full Air is a system in which we replace the original leaf springs at the rear but retain the original rear axle and fit Freno’s springs with air bellows. Always the same driving height - always with great comfort


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Freno Assist

Our Assist solutions - The name says it all.

Freno’s air assist suspension is suitable for most vehicle types and is available in two different versions.


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