Riding on Freno Air


Freno Air develops air suspension and transport solutions such as Citytrailer, DockOn, Eurochassi and AWK systems for transport services and taxis. Freno Air has developed air suspension, control systems and various innovative chassis solutions where the benefits of air suspension on light trucks have been used for over 30 years. If you need increased driving stability, faster loading / unloading or increased load capacity in your transport vehicle, air suspension for your vehicle is the solution. A chassis with air suspension helps you and your company to a simpler everyday life, more efficient operations and a better working environment for the driver.

Air suspension is an excellent complement in light trucks that want to transport heavier loads This is because the air suspension makes it possible to keep the vehicle at the correct driving height independently of its load and that you can easily raise and lower the vehicle during loading and unloading.

Freno Air auxiliary air suspension is the simplest of our air suspensions and acts as a support to the existing suspension and helps with the help of air bellows to keep the driving height constant – regardless of the road conditions and the weight of the load. Frenos assist air suspension fits most vehicle types and is available in two different designs.

Choose between:

  • AUXILIARY AIR SUSPENSION with pump valves. This is the simplest solution. It has the same connection as a tyre valve and is pumped up in the same way. There is also a control box that ensures that the bellows are not overfilled.
  • AUXILIARY AIR SUSPENSION with electric compressor. A more advanced solution that can be operated manually or via a pressure sensor that senses the pressure in the bellows and keeps it constant.