With our AWK and RWK air suspension solutions, the existing suspension is replaced with air suspension for either all four wheels (AWK) or just the rear wheels (RWK).

With AWK/RWK you get:

  • Individual rear wheel suspension, allowing the vehicle to be lowered at the rear, eliminating the need for a tail lift and producing by far the lowest loading height on the market. This makes loading and unloading easier and improves health and safety. This facilitates in-and unloading and improves the working environment.
  • The vehicle can be raised for better ground clearance if the road surface is uneven, for example at bus crossings (AWK).
  • The vehicle can be tilted sideways to lower the entry height (AWK).
  • The entire vehicle can be lowered for loading and unloading (AWK). (AWK)
  • Air suspension produces stable driving properties and optimum comfort.
  • User-friendly short ramp.
  • No tail lift is required.