Riding on Freno Air

Caddy BeFree

With our unique air suspension built on to a VW Caddy we have created a multi functional vehicle with great flexibility.

Taxi, mobility service for the disabled, ambulance, or transport for the whole family if one member is a wheelchair user. Caddy BeFree does the job. Life may be full of obstacles and challenges but transportation need not be one of them. The low loading angle makes it possible to guide in a pallet, making Caddy Be Free also perfect for couriers, distribution companies, hauliers and cleaning companies.

With Freno BeFree you get:

  • Individual air wheel suspension at the rear.
  • Electronic raising and lowering produces an extremely low loading height (12 centimetres between the ground and the floor in the lowered position).
  • The wheelchair space is airy, with a completely flat floor and generous ceiling height.
  • Freno’s unique air suspension produces unbeatable driving stability and the comfort that only air suspension can provide.
  • Specially adapted shock absorption and automatic levelling mean a comfortable journey, whatever the road surface.
  • Plenty of space for a wheelchair to get in and out and a high internal ceiling height.
  • The short ramp is easy to fold down and gives the wheelchair user excellent visibility.
  • Can also be fitted with an ambulance solution. Perfect for organisations in small towns with several different needs.
  • The space is also well suited to transporting goods. A 120×80 cm pallet fits easily. Or a floor scrubber or an oil drum.
  • Volkswagen’s warranties apply to Caddy Be Free.