Riding on Freno Air


If you need a classic van but with three times the load weight, DockOn is the solution for you. DockOn is a light truck with a heavy trailer that you can drive with a BE driving license. Freno is rebuilding the tractor with our DockOn solution and trailer chassis with air suspension. Cabinets, tailgate lifts, flatbeds and other accessories can be ordered from your regular bodybuilder.

With Freno DockOn you get:

  • Freno DockOn only requires a BE driving license (no YKB).
  • Total weight 3500 kg, Train weight 6000-7000 kg,
  • Load weight 2500-3700 kg
  • Loads 8-10 EUR pallets
  • Possibility to transport really heavy loads
  • An air-suspended chassis with individual pendulum arms
  • Lowerable during loading and unloading
  • Nordic Ecolabelled anti-corrosion treatment with C4 classification
  • 3-year warranty