Full Air

Freno’s Full Air range is a series of air suspension solutions that we have developed specially for light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes (and for some vehicles up to 5 tonnes). Full Air is a system in which we replace the original leaf springs at the rear but retain the original rear axle and fit Freno’s springs with air bellows. As an option, you can also have air suspension at the front so that the entire vehicle can be raised and lowered. Also works with four wheel drive.

With Full Air you get:

  • An air suspension system that considerably improves comfort, guarantees stability and optimises roadholding.
  • Constant ground clearance with the same driving height regardless of laden weight.
  • Can be raised and lowered to facilitate loading and unloading of passengers and goods.
  • An electric compressor and an electrically heated air drier mean that the system requires minimum maintenance.
  • Automatic levelling makes the system user-friendly. You can also choose between electronic and manual raising/lowering.