With our semi-trailer solutions, our air-sprung bogie chassis is coupled to the tractor, which can also be equipped with air suspension. The entire solution provides maximum comfort, flexibility and great load capacity – even on light transport vehicles. Requires BE driver’s license.

With Semitrailer you get:

  • A flexible solution that can be adapted in terms of height, length and width.
  • CityTrailer 3500 kg, requires BE driver’s license (no YKB). Grossweight 7000 kg, load weight 2800-3000 kg
  • It is possible to transport really heavy loads and large volumes.
  • An air suspension chassis with individual pivot arms.
  • Same driving height – regardless of the load.
  • Can be lowered for loading and unloading.
  • Double or triple axle.
  • Choose between small or standard wheels.
  • Entirely flat floor and low loading height if small wheels are chosen.